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DiveVue - Mount glasses to your dive mask.

DiveVue - Mount glasses to your dive mask.


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Looking for an alternative to inflexible stick in corrective lenses for your dive mask, or are you looking for an option to help find that elusive juvenile pipefish, or are you struggling to clearly see the viewfinder on your camera?

Introducing the Dive Diversions DiveVue, an adapter to attach cheap reading glasses to the outside of your dive mask utilizing a GoPro mount.

As the glasses are external to the mask this provides the following features:
• Can be adjusted in the water to be high or low in your line of vision.
• Can be lifted out of the way when not needed.
• Uses cheap reading glasses from your local Pharmacy or Chemist.
• Can be used with prescription glasses*

The DiveVue mount has been primarily designed to use cheap reading glasses obtained from your local Chemist/Pharmacy.

When selecting cheap reading glasses, we suggest selecting glasses with a magnification 0.5 less to equal your existing reading glasses (i.e., +2.0 down to a +1.5 magnification)

We recommend taking the mount with you when you purchase the glasses to ensure that they will fit correctly, refer to the instructions for more information.

*As water alters the magnification properties of lenses by a rough magnification of 1.33 times greater you might need to alter prescription lenses to compensate for this change. However, it's important to note that this is a simplified calculation, and the actual visual distortion underwater can be influenced by other factors, including the shape of the lenses, the curvature of the cornea, and individual variations in vision.

Compatible dive masks:

Hollis Mask - Black - with Hollis GoPro Mount -

Scubapro GoPro Mount -

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