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DPV Rail System – Shearwater Perdix Mount.

DPV Rail System – Shearwater Perdix Mount.


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DPV Rail System – Shearwater Perdix Mount.

Part of our modular rail mount system, the Shearwater Perdix Mount allows you to mount a Perdix, Perdix-AI or Perdix 2 to  your scooter along with other accessories using our other modular mounts.

The mount securely holds and protects the Perdix dive computer and keeps it in your line of site while scootering along but also protects it from bumps and scratches.

The mount holds the Perdix at an angle to make it easily readable while scooting along.

Includes two pre-cut length of shock cord to affix to the Perdix for securing to the mount. The shock cords still allow the easy removal and use of the Shearwater wrist straps for when not being used on the scooter.

Built to withstand the demanding diving environment, the Perdix Mount is commercially 3D printed using durable Nylon and all fixings are 316 stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and offering years of reliable service, making it a long-lasting investment for your diving endeavours.

Compatible Dive Computers: Perdix, Perdix-AI or Perdix 2

• 1 x Rail System – Perdix Mount.
• 2 x Cut lengths of shock cord (bungee cord)
• All required screws and fixings

NOTE: No dive computer or scooter is included.

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