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DPV Modular Rail System - Base Rails.

DPV Modular Rail System - Base Rails.


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DPV Rail System

Use our modular rail mount system to mount accessories to your Blacktip, CudaX or Piranha series of scooters (or any scooter with a diameter of 164mm or 201mm), available accessories include: Dive computer mounts, Compass mounts and Camera mounts.

The rail mounts are the foundation of the system that mounts to the scooter body, then allows the mounting of the other modular components by way of sliding onto the rails.

The rails feature a removable end piece, facilitating the easy addition or removal of other modular components, the modular components lock in place by tightening the clamping screws.

Note: The rails are open to allow water ingress and will not provide any positive buoyancy, the scooter buoyancy weighting will need to be adjusted to accommodate the increased weight of the rails and any added component/s.

DD-RS-BT-01 - Blacktip Rail Mount - TRAVEL (200mm)
DD-RS-BT-02 - Blacktip Rail Mount - TECH (400mm)
DD-RS-BT-03 - Blacktip Rail Mount - EXPLORATION (500mm)

DD-RS-PH-04 - Piranha Rail Mount - P1 (200mm)
DD-RS-PH-05 - Piranha Rail Mount - P2 (400mm)
DD-RS-PH-06 - Piranha Rail Mount - P3 (500mm)

DD-RS-CX-07 - CudaX Rail Mount - TECH (300mm)
DD-RS-CX-08 - CudaX Rail Mount - EXPLORATION (400mm)

DD-RS-SX-09 - Suex Rail Mount - (200mm)
DD-RS-SX-10 - Suex Rail Mount - (400mm)
DD-RS-SX-11 - Suex Rail Mount - (500mm)

DD-RS-SG-12 - Sub-Gravity Rail Mount - ECOS (200mm)
DD-RS-SG-13 - Sub-Gravity Rail Mount - REFERENCE RS (300mm)
DD-RS-SG-14 - Sub-Gravity Rail Mount - DISCOVERY RS  (400mm)

1 x Rail mount.
2 x Stainless Steel adjustable bands.
2 x Protection webbing (installed on the bands).
1 x 5 piece Hex wrench set (to suit all rail system modules)

Note: Only includes the rail and fixing components, no other items shown are included

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