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DPV Sea legs

DPV Sea legs


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Let your scooter stand on its own two feet.
Sea Legs provide stability to your scooter when using our Modular Rail System or Universal Mounts allowing the scooter to lie down when you have a camera attached.
The Sea Legs are streamlined to provide minimal drag on the scooter and made from tough nylon to sustain the rough terrain of a rocky shoreline.
Currently available for DiveXtras Blacktips and Piranhas with more coming soon.

DD-DVX-BSL-01 - Blacktip Sea Legs

DD-DVX-PSL-02 - Piranha Sea Legs

DD-DVX-CSL-03 - Cuda-X Sea Legs (Coming soon)

DD-DVX-CSL-04 - Cuda-X Sea Legs (Coming soon)

1 x Sea Legs.
1 x Stainless Steel adjustable bands.
1 x Protection webbing (installed on the bands).

Note: Only includes the items detailed above, no other items shown are included.

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